NEW opportunities 

In September 2013 KUZOCM Inc. starts production of rolled copper technology Conform

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Conform TLJ 400 - Equipment for continuous extrusion of copper bus

LEADER  in the RF market 

Opened in 2008, Brass Mini Plant, can of KUZOCM Inc. to be one of the leaders in the domestic market and an active participant in international markets brass rolling

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Brass mini plant
Brass mini plant


KUZOCM Inc. produces quality welding wire Punch-11 and warns consumers - beware of imitations

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Welding wire Punch-11

About the enterprise

ЗаводоуправлениеJSC «Kamensk-Uralsky non-ferrous processing plant» (KUZOCM Inc.), member of Group of companies «Renova», produces a wide range of steel products from copper, Nickel, zinc, and alloys on their basis. The factory is a leader in non-ferrous metal working in Russia. The products of KUZOCM Inc. is widely used in all industries both in Russia and abroad.



The main strategic goal KUZOCM Inc. - building a highly efficient production and the creation of a successful long-term, world-class company ...


At present, the company conducted a large-scale work on the modernization, acquisition and installation of new equipment, actively develops new technologies